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Craft Beer

Stonewell Medium Dry Irish Craft Cider
The high content of eating apples brings a strong golden hue colour. On the palate there is an initial burst of flavour carrying through to a smooth astringency.
500ml       €6.00

Stonewell Dry Irish Craft Cider
Far crisper then its medium dry sibling, it is rich bronze in colour with a hit of a caramel finish. This cider is an excellent accompaniment to food, in particular cheese, fish and chicken.
500ml       €6.00

Stonewell Low Alcohol Tobairín Irish Craft Cider
A crisp, light, almost Perry like cider which perfectly fits the bill for the designated driver or lunch time drink. Tobairín is evidence that just because there’s less alcohol (1.5% ABV) it doesn’t mean that the character or complexity of the drink has to suffer.
500ml       €6.00

Stag Bán
A dry refreshing beer with a light malt body, the hop character is spicy citrus, finishing clean with intense aromas.
500ml       €6.00

Stag Rua
Stag Rua is big on malt flavours, the backbone of an Irish red ale. Liberal use of chocolate and crystal malts lend themselves a deep ruby red colour along with coffee, caramel and toffee flavours in abundance.
500ml       €6.00

Saor Gluten Free
9 White Deer Brewery have pioneered the innovative gluten free beer, Saor. Saor meaning “Free” in Gaelige. Saor is Ireland’s first gluten free beer and it was released to the public in May 2015. It is a light bodied crisp and refreshing Kolsch Style Beer at 4.2%ABV.
500ml       €6.00

Black Lightning
Black Lightning will pour with a big rocky creamy head and it looks like a stout but once you come close to an opened bottle the aroma will tell you it could not be further from one. Black in colour with slight dark malt qualities but in other senses it’s a big American style IPA.
500ml       €6.00

Five Stags IPA
American Style IPA, 5 different hops, malts, passion fruit and mango flavours. 5% ABV
500ml       €6.00

Cronin Cider
Cronins Cider, an extraordinarily crisply refreshing cider made from all natural ingredients. Gluten free and vegan friendly. Give it a try yourself and let us know what you think on our facebook page and twitter feed.
500ml       €6.00

9 White Brewery Tasting Tray – Stag Ban, Stag Rua and Lun Dubh

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