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Whiskey – Pot Still

Single Pot Still whiskey is traditionally known as Pure Pot Still whiskey, it is distilled from malted and unmalted barley in traditional copper pot stills is unique to Ireland and these are part of only a handful of brands currently produced.

Green Spot
Made in Midleton Co. Cork in very limited quantities. Aged in sherry casks, it presents aromas of spice and oak, as well as flavours of fruit, honey and ginger.

Red Breast 12yr
The definitive expression of traditional Single Pot Still whiskey. Aromas of toffee, dried fruits and creme caramel along with flavours of roasted nuts and exotic spices.

Yellow Spot
Aged in a unique combination of Bourbon casks, Sherry casks and Malaga casks, this pot still whiskey reveals fresh and sweet top notes with a red grape and dry barley finish.

Red Breast 15yr
The 15 year old expression of Redbreast was initially a one-off release that was eventually made a permanent part of the range due to it’s huge popularity. This is one of the rich-est, and heaviest Irish pot still whiskeys.

Midleton Very Rare
Matured in American Oak barrels, this whiskey is only available in strictly limited quantities as just a small number of casks are personally selected by the Master Distiller each year.

Midleton Barry Crockett

Whiskey – Single Malt

Irish Single Malt whiskey is aged in oak for at least three years, and must be distilled from a mash of nothing other than malted barley at a single distillery.

Knppoque Castle 12yr
The first Knappogue Castle Single Malt to have an age statement. This is triple distilled in a Northern Irish distillery and is matured in bourbon casks for twelve years.

Bushmills 10yr
Light mouth feel along with some crisp barley, warm vanilla and gentle pepper and spice flavours.

Knappoque Castle 14yr
This single malt whiskey is aged for a minimum of 14 years in Oloroso Sherry casks and bourbon barrels. This is a rich and fruity-forward whiskey with flavours of light vanilla and oak.

Knappoque Castle 16yr
Really deep and complex, nutty sherry maltiness, fruity, dusty dark chocolate, spicy, pleasant woodiness, vanilla notes, slightly peppery, some sweetness, mellow and rounded.

Bushmills 16yr
Spiced and rich with juicy summer fruits, Christmas spices, pine oil, manuka honey and peaches in syrup.

Bushmills 21yr
An exquisite Irish whiskey, matured in a mixture of Oloroso Sherry and Bourbon casks, before a two year marrying period spent in Madeira casks. Produced in limited numbers, each bottle is numbered.


Teelings Small Batch
Spiced, rich palate with rose petal jelly and lemon curd. Creamy vanilla, hints of dried herbs and cinnamon. Floral, herbal finish. Caramel on the tail.

Teelings Single Malt
An elegant expression, this. Well placed fruit, backed up with cinnamon and white pepper. A touch of dried flower petals along the way. Definitely strawberries on the finish, with fresh double cream too! Ace.

Jack Ryan Beggars Bush 12yr
Smooth and oily textured. Even at the full 46% it is soft and easy to drink. Flavours of fresh pineapple, lemon, oranges, marmalade and ginger snap with some honey and oak.


Whiskey – Blends

Typically a blend of triple distilled pot still and grain whiskeys. Smooth yet robust, excellent with a few drops of water, as well as for Irish coffee and Hot Irish coffee. Warm cereal notes with lots of spice and a touch of honey.

Crested is made with older aged Jameson with a high measure of pure pot-still whiskey in the mix, a fair proportion of which has been aged in sherry casks to add spicy sweetness.

Jameson Select Reserve Black Barrel
Matured in double-charred barrels, this whiskey presents intense notes of vanilla, caramel, toasted wood, fruit and warm spice.

Powers 12yr
Powers 12 Year old, like the standard Powers, is a blend with a good dollop of pot still content (making up the majority of the blend). Most ageing is done in ex-bourbon casks with a small amount also aged in sherry wood. In practice there are actually some very old whiskeys in this blend, some as old 20/21 years old.

Jameson 18Yr
Varying styles of pot still whiskeys dominate this luxury blend, which has only a small amount of grain whiskey added to bring some extra smoothness.

Scotch Whisky

The Glenlivet 12yr


Glenmorangie Nector d’Or

Glenfiddich 12yr

Glenfiddich 18yr

International Whisky

Jeffersons Bourbon

Bulleit Bourbon

Fireball Cinnamon

Wild Turkey

Woodford Reserve


Camus XO

Remy Martin VSOP



Dingle Vodka


Ketel One

Grey Goose



Blackwater Strawberry
Subtle and fruity but still very much a classic London Dry styled gin. Nice touches of citrus and juniper with a hint of strawberry.

Dingle Gin
Dingle Original Gin is made in small batches of 500 litres. The unique character and flavour come from the painstaking and original choice of botanicals.

Tanqueray uses the juniper along with just the right balance of other botanicals to make a gin that’s extraordinarily flavourful and complex.

Six rare botanicals, handpicked in the wild during the fleeting Canadian summer, are infused in the traditional way. This results in an authentic gin with a unique taste to delight the adventurous amateur and connoisseur alike.

An Irish gin made with juniper, angelica, orris, caraway, coriander, meadowsweet, cardamom and star anise as well as vapour infused oriental lemon and lime, fresh grapefruit and gunpowder teal.

Bombay Sapphire
It is believed that the best Juniper in the world comes from the hills of Tuscany and these berries are the heart of Bombay Sapphire’s botanical recipe. Juniper berries are the seed cones of the juniper tree and bring a dry, fragrant herbal aroma to this gin.

No other gin tastes like Hendrick’s, because no other gin is made like Hendrick’s. Infused with the remarkable Bulgarian Rosa Damascena and specially selected cucumbers from the finest producers, resulting is an extraordinarily smooth gin.

Monkey 47
An unusual gin from the Black Forest in Germany, Monkey 47 contains a unique ingredient. No, not that! Cranberries! The 47 comes from the number of botanicals that go into this unique gin, and the fact it’s bottled at a healthy 47%.


Fever Tree Tonic 200ml

Fever Tree Naturally Light Tonic

Fever Tree Elderflower Tonic


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