Wines at the Porterhouse Killarney

The Porterhouse Wine List

House Whites

Santa Ana Sauvignon Blanc – Argentina
Intense aromas of tropical fruits and cut lawn. Crispy, herbal and refreshing in the mouth.
Glass €7.50      Bottle €23.50

Les Roucas Chardonnay – France
Elegant aromas of white flesh fruits and flowers with intense sweetness on the palate.
Glass €7.50      Bottle €23.50

Gabriella Pinot Grigio – Italy
Fruity, with hints of almonds and toast. Well balanced and definitely dry.
Glass €7.50      Bottle €23.50

White Wines

Laroche Punto Nino Reserve Sauvignon Blanc – Chile
Fresh and crisp palate with intense acidity, nice middle body and dry fruity finish.
Bottle €27.50

Huia Sauvignon Blanc (Organic)(VF) – New Zealand
This wine shows a good aromatic intensity with bright herbaceous and floral notes, gooseberry, and lime. It is layered with flavours ranging from guava, melon, gooseberry and lime zest.
Bottle €39.00

Laroche Chablis St. Martin – France
Vibrant yellow with reflects of pale green. Intensely fresh with fruits and spices. Fresh, mineral, harmonious and fruity. The finish is long and precise.
Bottle €59.00

Sparkling / Champagne

Colle del Principe Prosecco Frizzante – Italy
Fresh, well-structured and harmonious with distinct aromas of fruits and flowers.
Bottle €29.00

Moet & Chandon NV – France
Bright fruitiness, seductive palate & elegantly matured.
Bottle €90.00

Masottina Prosecco Spumante (Snipe) – France
Pale yellow with green tints. Floral and vegetal nose with touch of citrus. A warm, rich, fruity and balanced style on the palate. A little too rich for a dry sparkling wine yet still harmonious.
Bottle €11.50

Skinny Prosecco by Thomson & Scott (VF) – Italy
This Prosecco is light and refreshing it has floral and apple aromas on the nose. The palate is fresh, lively, fruity with great acidity and notes of green apple, golden apple, honeydew melon and pear.
Bottle €50.00

House Reds

Santa Ana Cabernet Sauvignon – Argentina
Fruity and well-balanced in the mouth, with flavours of black fruits and sweet tannins.
Glass €7.50      Bottle €23.50

Les Roucas Merlot – France
Intense aromas of red fruits and spices. Generous and supple wine with silky tannins.
Glass €7.50      Bottle €23.50

Leopards Leap Pinotage Shiraz – South Africa
Ripe dark druit and spice aromas. Medium bodied palate with juicy fruit.
Glass €7.50      Bottle €23.50

Red Wines

Laroche Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon – Chile
Intense nose offering pungent blackcurrant and light herbal tones. Fruity concentration laced with solid tannic structure.
Bottle €27.50

Don David Malbec – Argentina
Very well balanced with sweet and soft tannins. Fruity full of plums and chocolate notes and a pleasant finish.
Bottle €31.00

Muriel Crianza Rioja – Spain
Elegant fragrance of a fine young wine combined with a touch of fruit. The aftertaste is clean with a lingering pleasant flavour.
Bottle €28.50


Gabriella Pinot Grigio Blush – Italy
A wine with a delicate and elegant nose of strawberries and raspberries, very drinkable and extremely pleasant wine.
Glass €7.50      Bottle €23.50

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