The Porterhouse Gastropub takes a great deal of pride in offering our customers with a level of service that is certainly a “cut above the rest”. Not only does this keep our guests coming back for more, but this very same quality has enabled our establishment to become of the most well-known venues within Killarney.

However, we also appreciate the need to create a positive work environment for all of our staff members. They are provided with the opportunity to work within a dynamic atmosphere and to become what we like to refer to as an extended family. Let’s take a look at how we manage our restaurant to ensure a top-class customer experience as well as what benefits employees can expect to enjoy.

Managing Staff

We are well aware that managing restaurant employees is no easy task. One of the main issues involves the ability to train our employees with a flexible mindset; enabling them to jump from role to role when required. This approach can be broken down into three main categories:

  • Hiring qualified candidates.
  • Onboarding and initial training.
  • Scheduling, assessing performance and providing a positive work environment.

We also understand that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. This is why we emphasise the notion of a team environment. As some workers may be unfamiliar with the techniques that we employ, we provide in-depth orientation sessions, real-time training, targeted shift management and ongoing performance evaluations.

The main intention is to provide every staff member with the opportunity to improve his or her skills. Also, let’s not forget that employee happiness will keep our customers coming back for more. Similar to our sister establishments J.M. Reidy and McSorleys, employees will soon become part of a family.

Want to learn more about these opportunities? Free free to fill out an online job application.

Ensuring that Our Customer Service is Top-Class

Learning about how we manage our restaurant to ensure a top-class customer experience also involves treating every customer as if he or she is our top priority. We believe that there is no such concept as “second best” within the food industry and we strive to make every patron feel as if he or she is coming home for the first time. Here are some of the steps which we take:

  • Ensuring a positive experience from the minute that they walk through the door.
  • Reducing and/or eliminating wait times for tables and drinks.
  • Proactively addressing any problems or complaints.

Whether addressing guests with the proper etiquette, ensuring speedy service or taking client preferences into account when tackling an issue, nothing is left to chance. Positive or negative, we take such feedback extremely seriously.

In the same respect, variety is the spice of life. This is why our menus are flexible enough to cater to virtually any taste. From the top vegan foods that Killarney has to offer to gluten-free items and non-alcoholic beverages, little is left to the imagination. Of course, let’s not forget that our selection of meats will be cooked to perfection; ideal for the discerning carnivore.

Feel free to read through a handful of previous reviews to better appreciate what our customers have had to say.

Ensuring that Our Food is Top Class

We have made it a point to put together one of the strongest and most professional kitchen teams that our restaurant has ever seen. Head Chef Tadhg is known for his ability to create dishes that are simply not found anywhere else in Killarney. However, the other staff members are just as crucial when serving clients.

Simply stated, our customers expect nothing less than the very best. This is why our in-house kitchen continues to deliver flawlessly prepared meals with a decidedly personal touch. We also take a great deal of pride in offering up holiday-specific menus for the entire family.

It is also important to stress that we prefer to work with local food suppliers. Not only does this strategy ensure that all of our organic products are fresh, but it helps to stimulate nearby businesses and the Killarney economy as a whole.

We have put together this gallery in order to provide a “taste” of what is in store.

Managing Our Online Presence

Appreciating how we manage our restaurant to ensure a top-class customer experience likewise involves strengthening our digital footprint. Managers Katlyn and Sinead oversee our social media presence as well as our digital booking system. This duo has always been able to remain one step ahead of the curve so that customer enquiries can be addressed within a timely fashion.

Thanks to the experts at BrightIdea, our website boasts a user-friendly appeal and it is extremely easy to navigate. Visitors can view our specials, take a virtual tour of our establishment and even keep up to date with the latest industry news by reading our blog posts.

Furthermore, our former staff member Denis who now works for SEO Cork and SEO Dublin agency Digital Funnel, has been helping us improve our website to help us compete in Googles rankings. Simply stated, keeping up to date with how we manage our website to ensure a top-class customer experience is certainly a full-time job!

A Second-to-None Reputation for Quality

Above all, our managers always want to provide staff members with an unforgettable (and hopefully long-term) employment experience. This is the best way to guarantee that customers remain happy at all times. By striving for this level of continuous quality improvement, The Porterhouse Gastropub has become a Killarney icon and its reputation continues to grow.

Would you like to gain additional insight in regards to how we manage our restaurant to ensure a top-class customer experience? Might you be interested in current or future employment opportunities? If so, please take a moment to contact one of our representatives at your convenience.